We give youth the tools to become lifelong learners and innovators in the fields of food and nutrition, science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.
We provide a developmentally appropriate enrichment program in a safe learning environment that grows a child’s curiosity for higher education
We create lifelong learners through a forward-thinking curriculum and develop healthy habits by building early self-help and self-motivation skills.

A Few Words About Our Programs

The educational and enrichment FULL DAY program includes lunch, morning and PM afternoon snack.  Extended hours include breakfast and LATE PM snack.  Dinner is also prepared for the occasionally scheduled Parent’s Night Out events.

Your Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten childcare and educational experience will include but is not limited to programming in the fields of sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. There are early morning and afternoon enrichment programs like morning meeting, character development curriculum, and outdoor and indoor physical education activities.

More About Us

Our center provides the following services


We have very high expectations for our young scholars and provide hands-on multi-sensory and multidisciplinary learning experiences.


We always strive to be in constant contact with our families.

Healthy Nutrition

Wholesome food is provided for your child throughout the day. Ask about our nutrition and food curriculum!

Physical Education

We have an indoor play area and a covered outdoor play space!

Character Development

We will nurture your child’s power of intention, mindfulness, and meditation daily.

Culture Appreciation

Music and rhythms, traditions, animals, and things from around the world will always be celebrated!

The Parents Say it Best!

“I was so impressed when I walked into Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School in February of this year. It was pristine, organized and welcoming. I have worked with Ivbaria for over 4 years. She is friendly, engaging, hardworking, and dedicated. Ivbaria puts her all into everything she does whether it’s her cooking or teaching.”

-Erika Blackley, preschool teacher and mother of one son

”Ivbaria’s warm, fun-loving, and sensitive persona make her someone children naturally want to be around!”

-Brigette G., Former Head Teacher, Nutritional Sciences Preschool, Rutgers University, NJ

“As a mom and educator of 3 growing boys, I was impressed with Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School. The school is well groomed, organized and fun for my kids. Every time we have visited the school for cooking demonstrations and kid-friendly events, I was thrilled. More importantly, my boys were thrilled. They would enjoy activities that were age appropriate and engaging.
From the first moment that I met Ivbaria Akhabue, the Headmaster of Gumedia N. S. S., I have nothing but professional and courteous treatment as a parent. As a provider of childcare I know that my children are safe and will be treated with respect. I know my boys will be listened to and well taken care of.
Here is the best part! The cooking and food demonstrations have been fresh, delicious and well prepared. The portion amounts are just right and the taste of the food is incredible. I would highly recommend all of the services that this school has to offer for children.”

– Naome Candice Dunnell, M.A., educator and mother of three boys


” As a father that lives a great distance, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School a few times to be of encouragement and support to our son on his learning experience and speech development. I can truly say that I am extremely fascinated with how well he is adapting and developing to the program and wonderful environment Miss Ivbaria has set forth with the assistance of Ms. Betty. It’s so comforting and pleasing to know that my son is safe, being cared for, eating healthy, learning and having fun while doing so. My favorite part is the pictures and videos of him and the other students’ interactions, daily activities and academics that I get to see updates to the parent portal on a daily basis. It amazes me and always leaves me speechless. I highly recommend this school and the service they have to offer, and happy my son’s mom chose this for childcare/school.”

– TYSHAWN F., father of one son

”I am Aaliyah’s great grandma and I take and pick her up from school everyday. I am so impressed with Gumedia and the attention they give to the students. I also work in the school system and assist students. The school sent us pictures of the students and their daily activities and
academics. I like the school’s vegetables garden and playground also among other things. The children get a chance to pick the vegetables that they eat and like, awesome job Gumedia.”

– Wajeedah J., great-grandma, educator, caretaker, NJ


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